Professional Information Requires Professional Solutions………………

PTI provides support for multiple different products, each with its individual situational value, in order to provide a comprehensive solution to your problem. Below are the feature products that PTI supports extensively but not exclusively. If your solution does not involve one of the technologies listed, the skilled staff at PTI can determine that and assist you in finding the product that is right for your needs!


 Folio 4 Family 

For CD-ROM Publishing and Client/Server Distribution of Folio Infobases

The Folio Family of products makes it easy to gather and organize information from a variety of sources, maintain and update it, and make it easy for users to find instant, accurate answers. Folio products do all this while offering more choices, more security, more flexibility, and faster time to delivery than any similar product in the industry.

 NXT  4  

For high-speed searching across multiple networks in multiple geographic locations….even disconnected

NXT is a complete electronic publishing suite for storing, assembling, securing and distributing content online, on CD/DVD or within corporate intranets, with rapid search and intuitive navigation. Whether you’re a commercial publisher looking to increase your revenues and decrease your production costs or a corporate publisher wanting to reduce your compliance risk and decrease your production costs, NXT 4 is the right information delivery solution for you.