1. The Folio Views user interface can now inherit styles from the operating system, enabling a more XP look.

  2. Better overall performance of memory management.

  3. Increased speed opening rights managed infobases.

  4. New security infrastructure making rights management model less vulnerable.

  5. Continued compatibility of documents.  Folio Views 4.7 can open and read infobases created in all versions of Folio Views 4.x.

  6. Folio Views applications can now be made compatible with visual accessibility guidelines (Section 508* compliance) for use with Screen Readers.  Folio Views is about 95% compliant out of the box and potentially 100% compliant after minor adjustments.

  7. The Search & Replace dialog allows you to keep it open while changing other text in the document.

  8. The Edit menu now contains functions to Invert Tagged Records and to Tag Range of Records.

  9. The Rights Administrator now displays a turning hourglass as a visual cue while performing the license refresh function.

  10. After a search, you can now turn off hit highlighting without clearing the search.

* Section 508 here refers to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  508,as amended, is the section establishing the requirement to make electronic information accessible to government employees and members of the public with disabilities.


Folio Views: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP Home, WIndows XP Pro, Windows 64-bit
Folio Builder: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP Home, WIndows XP Pro, Windows 64-bit
Folio Publisher: WIndows XP Pro, Windows 64-bit
Folio Integrator: WIndows XP Pro, Windows 64-bit

The Minimum System Requirements to run one of the Windows operating systems above exceeds the Minimum Requirements to run the Folio line.


The first step for installing the 4.7 version of the Folio line is to uninstall any applications from previous versions of the Folio line.  This is particularly necessary for 4.7 because of the change in file format.  While Folio Views 4.7 will open any 4.x infobase, earlier versions of Folio 4 will not open an infobase built in 4.7.

Because of the new file format, it will be best to update an entire site at once.  After an infobase is developed, built, or edited in Folio 4.7, anyone who wants to read that infobase must also have Folio 4.7.  None of the earlier Folio versions will open it.

The new file format will mean that if a computer has a Folio 4.7 product used to develop infobases and also has a lower Folio version used to present infobases, a problem may arise.  This includes Bound Folio Views.  Whenever a file with an extension of .nfo or .sdw is double clicked, Folio Views opens to read it.  If a computer has more than one copy of Views.exe, the copy most recently opened will be invoked.  If a developer was reviewing a 4.6 published infobase which he opened from its Start Menu interface, closing that and double clicking on a 4.7 infobase will reopen the 4.6 bound viewer which will fail to open the 4.7 infobase.  In the past, similar conditions could cause Bound Views to try to open an unbound infobase and to receive an error containing the phrase “…infobase bound to a different server…”.  Anyone developing in 4.7 will need to be warned of this.