Folio Views 4.7

Instant, accurate answers


For Microsoft Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003


Folio Views® is a high-performance, information retrieval software tool designed for professionals who rely on immediate access to information to make decisions. Its primary use is robust, offline text searching within collections of free-format mission-critical information, regardless of size. Folio Views makes people more effective and efficient at finding and providing instant answers, making decisions, consultingclients, and solving problems using information.


As part of the Folio product suite, Folio Views provides corporation with a ready-to-use application that accommodates a wide array of information access needs. By deploying Folio Views, companies enable information users to immediately enjoy the benefits of decision support through fast and easy access to information.



Benefits of the Folio Product Suite


Folio 4.5 is an exciting product suite for managing and distributing professional electronic information, because it helps publishers,corporations and developers leverage the value of knowledge exchange. Rich features and robust technology explain why the world's top 10 publishers of professional information and the majority of Fortune 500 companies dependon Folio software to access, adapt and publish professional information on CD-ROM, corporate intranets and the Internet.



Key Benefits of Folio Views 4.7

  • Professional functionality

  • Instant, accurate answers

  • Flexible work and search environment


Professional Functionality


Professional information users recognize powerful features that distinguish Folio Views from other information management solutions.


Making information manageable. Folio Views gives users complete control over information. It keeps users in touch with the overall structure of the information they access and the query "hits" their searches produce. These features make massive volumes of information feel manageable and help professional information users find answers quickly, even within hundreds of megabytes of free-format information containing graphics, sound and video objects.


Providing functional content. When it comes tousing the content, Folio Views lets users go beyond browsing, to personalize information and make lasting edits. Encryption technology from RSA™ Security protects secured information from unauthorized use.


Make the Wordl Wide Web productive. Because the Internet offers a wealth of information, Folio Views includes Web site retrieval functionality, letting you bring Web content down to your local machine in an indexed and compressed format. With the Web content on your own hard disk, you can take advantage of the powerful searching and personalization features found in Folio Views in a portable, off-line environment.



Instant, Accurate Answers


Folio Views makes even the largest collections of information feel like small documents by delivering the speed and flexibility to satisfy the search needs of both new and experienced information users.


Find the answer fast. Professional information users need reliable, powerful searching to be productive. Folio Views delivers the power to find your search term as fast as you can type the word, in most cases finding the search results before you finish typing your query.


Make decisions with confidence. Confident decisions require correct information. Folio Views ranks your search results from most important to least important. Getting to the most relevant information first lets you make decisions quickly and with more confidence.


Search without syntax. Gone are the days when powerful queries demanded complicated syntax. Type terms without syntax to generate valid queries. This simplifies searching operations for new users while providing state-of-the-art natural language searching for users who want advanced searching technology.


Controlled, focused searching. With Folio Views you can search an entire collection or focus your search on smaller units of information. You can also search within flexible fields or personal annotations, such as highlighters and marginal notes. With this control, users find the right answers quickly, instead of wandering through mountains of search results.


Use information collections easily, regardless of size. Most professionals use information bases in the hundreds of megabytes size range. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you seek answers from within huge amounts of information. But with Folio Views, you are productive, regardless of the size of the content.



Flexible Work and Search Environment

Folio Views provides an intuitive and powerful environment that’s easily understood by users, along with the flexibility to modify the environment for specific users or information types.


Tailor the interface. Folio Views can be installed in any of seven languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, or Japanese (Japanese in Windows 32-bit only). End users can easily customize and extend the Views interface. Easily add, change, or remove menu items, toolbar buttons, or viewing panes. If necessary, use APIs or ActiveX™ (Windows only) controls to alter the functionality in Folio Views.


Add value to your information. Folio Views lets you add personalized comments in marginal notes, apply electronic highlighters to accent information, and create hypertext links to internal destinations or live World Wide Web destinations. Most important, you can instantly search your annotations. If you want to modify the information, you can add and edit content just as you would in a word processor.


Keep a personalized version. When you want to preserve the original information base, and still take advantage of the editing functionality in Folio Views, you can create a shadow file. In the shadow file, users can make notes, apply highlighters, or edit the text without changing the original information.



Make information Your Advantage


Whether you are using Folio Views for a mission-critical knowledge base, corporate manual, help desk, or other power-searching application, Folio Views offers the performance and flexibility to meet your application need.



Minimum System requirements

  • Personal computer with a 486 or higher processor (Pentium ® recommended)

  • Windows 95/98/200/XP Pro/2003 or Windows NT ® 4

  • 12 MB of memory for use on Windows 95 (16 MB or greater recommended); 16 MB of memroy for use on Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003 and Windows NT 4

  • 10 MB of hard disk space for minimum install (no graphics fileter or dictionary); 28 ME for a full install

  • VGA or higher-resolution video adapter (SVGA 256-color recommended)



Filters include:


Import Filters: Microsoft Word 2-8 * 97, 2000, XP, and 2003, WordPerfect 5x – 8x, Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML, ASCII.


Export Filters: Rich Text Format (RTF), WordPerfect 5x – 8x, Generic ASCII.


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