Folio Publisher 4.7

Easy, secure, and profitable electronic publishing


For Microsoft Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP


Folio® Publisher provides a software solution for commercial publishers who want to sell their informational content electronically. It lets publishers package robust information retrieval software with their information and provides a redistribution license and software solution for creating commercial infobase titles. Sophisticated security protects publishers’ intellectual property, and supports diverse sales agreements, while powerful functionality makes that information more valuable to end users.





Rich functionality and robust technology explain why the world’s top ten publishers of professional information and the majority of Fortune 500 companies depend on Folio software to distribute professional electronic information on CD-ROM or local area networks (LANs). Folio has created software licensing arrangements that allow publishers to grow their electronic title businesses, and generate revenue from both new and existing content.





  • Secure and profitable electronic publishing

  • An easily managed publishing solution

  • Functionality customers want





Securely distribute your content. Controlling the use and distribution of your valuable content is your top priority. Folio pioneered software that allows secure distribution and rights management functionality. Folio 4.3 products incorporate features and enhancements that come from years of satisfying the needs of publishers to secure the value of their content in the electronic environment.


Access control By managing access down to the paragraph level, publishers can distribute the same information to multiple users and retain control over who can and cannot access subsections of the information. Controlling concurrent use of an information title lets publishers distribute information within an organization, confident that the number of concurrent users won’t exceed the number designated in the sales agreement. RSA encryption protects secured information from unauthorized use.


Subscription control. Advanced rights management technology lets you control who can access your information, what they can do with it, and how long they can use it. Publishers can designate expiration dates for information collections, or generate passwords to unlock secure or expired data for particular customers. This allows publishers to generate subscription-based revenue from electronic titles year after year.


Easy licensing arrangements. FAST Search & Transfer’s pricing and business models work the way you do. FAST Search & Transfer offers software licensing arrangements that allow you to grow your electronic title business, helping you generate new revenue from existing content.


Event logging and metering. If tracking usage is important, you can purchase meters developed by third parties. This makes it possible to enhance the design of your information, and to explore alternate or additional billing methods for use of your copyrighted content.





Develop content, not software. As a publisher, your business centers around compiling and distributing professional content to your customers. The last thing you need to worry about is developing software. Folio Publisher provides a robust, highly customizable, out-of-the-box software solution designed specifically to meet the needs of professional information users. Join the 800+ professional publishers who profit by using Folio technology as a standard for compiling and distributing commercial electronic titles.


Multiple distribution options. Because there are so many options today for distributing electronically published titles, Folio provides the software you need to securely distribute your valuable content over the electronic medium your customers require. Folio Publisher provides a solution for CD-ROM, personal computers, or LANs.


Data compression. Compress your content, in many instances down to 60 percent of the original source data size. This maximizes storage resources, allowing you to put even more content onto a CD-ROM or inside a user’s information system without incurring additional expense for you or your customers.


Single file for easy distribution. Rich text complete with hypertext markup, graphics, tables, and the text index are all stored in a single file. The infobases that hold your content are self-contained and easy to distribute to your users.





Satisfy your customers. Publishing with Folio maximizes the value of your published information to your customers. A special version of Folio Views®–included in Folio Publisher for redistribution–gives users complete control over information.


Instant, accurate answers. Folio Views makes even the largest collections of information feel like small documents by delivering the speed and flexibility to satisfy the search needs of both new and experienced electronic information users. Users find answers fast, even within hundreds of megabytes of free-format information containing graphics, sound, and video objects.


Flexible user interface. Folio makes it easy for publishers to tailor the user interface to the information being published. This not only optimizes the customer’s experience, it also helps publishers differentiate the look and feel of their published titles from those of competitors.


Ready for the world. Folio Views interface can be installed in seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese.





With its ready-to-use components, security and commerce functionality, and distribution-enabling features, Folio Publisher makes electronic publishing easy, secure, and profitable.





  • Distribution Software License Agreement

  • Folio Rights Administrator®

  • Folio Bind®

  • Distribution Software including:

    • Folio Views Client

    • Folio Bound Server

    • Folio Rights Browser

    • Import filters include: Generic Text (ASCII)

    • Export filters include: Rich Text Format (RTF), WordPerfect®, Generic Text (ASCII)





  • Windows® 95/98/2000/XP or Windows NT®

  • Intel® 486 (or compatible) processor (Pentium®recommended)

  • 12 MB of RAM for use on Windows 95; 16 MB of RAM for use on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

  • 60 MB hard disk space for full install

  • VGA or higher-resolution video adapter (SVGA 256-color recommended)

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