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 What is an Infobase? 

An infobase is a single-file electronic repository for large volumes of dynamic reference information. Infobases are perfectly suited to handle the large amount of information that, for example, insurance carriers utilize each day.


Using Folio infobases, workgroups can access and adapt information in ways that make it more valuable to them. Corporations, workgroups and individual users all benefit from Folio's unique ability to index and retrieve information rapidly, store and display multimedia objects, link information together, update information on-the-fly and present a variety of contexts in which to view large collecttions of electronic reference information.


The Most Current Information…Instantly


Folio infobases guarantee instant access to the most current information available. To begin with, every word in an infobase is indexed so that no stop words exist in the infobase. Users can type in a word, a phrase, or a query, based on Boolean operators, and watch the Query Map display the results of the search in real time. Users can expand or narrow an infobase query on-the-fly. With the click of the mouse, users can navigate through the sections of an infobase that contains the information that they need.


The Folio Views search engine supports standard Boolean search operators, phrase searching, proximity searching and word stemming to include word variations and synonyms in searches.



Powerfully Simple End-user Software


Infobases allow information professionals to continue to use familiar tools and concepts associated with paper-based research like grouping, annotating, and organizing personal views of relevant information.


Folio infobase files work the way that information professionals work, allowing individuals to search, tag, and group together information and uses electronic version bookmarks, highlighters, and sticky notes.


Information analysis is simplified through the use of searchable fields, user-defined hypertext links, and the ability to quickly move new information into a multitude of formats.



Infobases Integrate Seamlessly


Infobases are also workgroup and workflow-enabled. Infobases support workgroup access and editing, and are capable of supporting an unlimited number of simultaneous searches across a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) and workgroup and workflow software.  In addition, Folio's Open Infobase Architecture enables third-party integrators to design custom applications with the Folio Software Developer's Kit or Folio 4.5 Integrator.


 The Folio Advantage  

Information is the key to success. The better the information, the better the chance for success, but only if it can be managed and used effectively. For most of us, it is not lack of availability of information that is our biggest problem; it is the lack of ability -- the ability to quickly find the needed relevant information along with the ability to effectively use that information when needed.


Folio products offer customers significant value in performing their business functions. Folio infobases provide a powerful and innovative approach to managing, distributing, and protecting large volumes of free-format and semi-structured electronic reference information.


Folio Views 4.7

Folio Views is a high-end, access and retrieval product designed for professional information users. Its primary use is robust, off-line text searching within very large free-format Infobases. Folio Views allows users to be more effective at finding and providing instant answers within massive amounts of information, making decisions, consulting clients, creating reports, and solving problems with information.Folio Views is more than a text browser -- it also allows users to personalize the information content with highlighters, notes, linking, shadow files, and full text editing.

Folio Views can be used to share information across your internal network, or can be used as a publishing tool on CD-ROM for distribution in your company or to groups of clients.


Folio Builder 4.7

Folio Builder is an industrial-strength suite of software aimed at the corporate information specialist responsible for creating, distributing, and updating Folio 4.5 electronic information. Its applications convert, compile, and secure professional electronic reference information.Folio Workbench, a core component in Folio Builder, is a flexible data-conversion application. Workbench follows a project-management approach for defining the process to filter, convert, index, validate, and compress electronic reference information into Folio infobase format.The Rights Administrator contains tools that give infobase authors control over how infobases are accessed and used. Security for each infobase is controlled by the Rights Administrator allowing different levels of access and edit ability to different groups of users. It also contains tools for designing custom, data-specific query dialogs.

Folio Publisher 4.7

Folio Publisher is a redistribution license and software solution for professional information content providers who need to bundle robust information retrieval software with their content.A software tool is provided for creating commercial infobase titles. These commercial infobases can then be bundled with Folio Views and a special version of the search engine designed specifically for commercial publisher who distributes high value, mission-critical information.

Folio Integrator 4.7

Folio Integrator is the tool set that enables developers to incorporate Folio's rich information management components into solutions. It is the platform upon which Folio 4.3 applications are created. Folio Integrator provides a set of pluggable components that add state-of-the-art information retrieval to any application.Folio Integrator provides a variety of links, an unlimited variety of graphic, video, OLE, or user-defined objects, a dynamic table of contents, fields, groups, annotations, and highlighters. Features include ActiveX controls, C/C++ APIs, and compatibility with Visual Basic, and other rapid application development tools.Controls are available for every aspect of the user interface, including document control for rich hyper-text data, table of contents, and query. APIs exist for all server and server extension functions, as well as import/export filters.

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