Folio Integrator 4.7

Software developer’s kit for information retrieval


For Microsoft® Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP


Folio® Integrator is a software developer’s kit that provides powerful technology for using and managing electronic reference information. It lets programmers use familiar development tools to create tailored, integrated, and commerce-enabled information applications. The result is a valuable opportunity for developers to profit from the growing information economy.


Folio Integrator provides three types of opportunities for developers. It allows integration of Folio infobases with other information systems, like relational databases. It enables a deep customization of Folio Views® for specific business needs. Finally, it allows for modular incorporation of one or more components of Folio technology (like the award-winning Folio search engine) into existing applications.



Key Benefits of Folio Integrator 4.7





Folio Integrator provides the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of development approaches and end-user requirements.


International Language support means that applications developed with Folio Integrator can be easily deployed in any of six ready-to-use language versions or be customized to accommodate other languages. Intergation with diverse data types is easy. File filters import a wide variety of doucment types, and the Filter API facilitates building additional filters.



Inherit the benefits of years of development work.


Rich features and robust technology have made Folio Infobase Technology™ the industry standard for electronic reference information, such as corporate manuals, professional reference information, help-desk knowledge bases, and news archives. Folio Integrator plug-in components help developers recombine Folio technology for any business-critical processes.


Large volumes of text, gigabytes in size, may be combined with an unlimited variety of graphics, video, OLE, or user-defined objects in a secure, scalable container for free-format information — the Folio infobase.


The Folio search functionality makes mission-critical information instantly available to end users. Search types include natural language, relevance ranking, wildcard searches, term-proximity, field searches, and fast phrase searching.

Developers can invoke record-level control over who can access information, what they can do with it, and how long they can use it. Encryption technology from RSA™ Security protects secured information from unauthorized use.


Hierarchically organized content generates a dynamic, hyperlinked table of contents. Integrator 4.5 is intranet-enabled, allowing Active Document applications that run in standard browsers.



C/C++ APIs



Client control APIs


  • Document Control API — provides an interface for displaying, searching, and editiing infobases containing formatting, links, tables, and objects.

  • Contents Control API — displays a dynamically linked, hierarchial table of contents list.

  • Hit List Control API — yields a list of search results from infobase queries. The hit list control provides complete flexibility in how those hits are displayed

  • Reference API — reveals cursor location with a hierarchical headings list.

  • Virtual List API — uses virtual memory techniques to display lists that would otherwise exceed the capacity of standar Windows combo or list boxes.

  • Query API — provides dialog boxes and functionality for four types of queries. Includes Query Dialog, Query Link Dialog, Natural Language Query Dialog and Query Template Dialog.

  • Query Map API — controls the well-known Folio Views interactive query tool. The query map gives the user immediate feedback on a query, even as the query is being entered.

  • Object Control API — provides a window for displaying various object types such as graphics, audio clips, etc., using pre-built or custom object handlers.



Additional Folio Views Client APIs


  • Object Handler API — allows creation of object handlers for graphics, audio clips, animation, video clips, and many others.

  • Views Extension API — allows developers to extend the functionality of the Folio Views client. Extensions can also intercept many Folio Views events permitting custom link types, menu alterations, tab changes, customer icons, etc.

  • Server Extension APIs — help an application work with diverse file formats and end-user languages and provide control over user access and security functionality.

  • NFOAPI — exposes the Folio Integrator server interfaces and is the heart of the Integrator API set.

  • National Language Support API — creates custom language modules for indexing and searching infobases and allows custom control of the dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Rights Administrator API — provides control over who can access information, what they can do with it and how long they can use it.

  • Filter API — for writing file converters between infobase format and other formats.



Folio Views 4.7


Folio Views is FAST Search & Transfer’s flagship offline viewer, built using the same API set that Folio Integrator delivers to application developers. Folio Views and Folio Integrator can be used separately or together to quickly create and deploy custom information applications.





For corporate information systems or commercial applications, Folio Integrator gives developers an easily used platform for building powerful and profitable information applications.





  • Windows® 95/98/2000/XP or Windows NT®

  • Intel® 486 (or compatible) processor (Pentium®recommended)

  • 16 MB of RAM for use on Windows 95/98; 24 MB of RAM for use on Windows NT/2000/XP

  • 60 MB hard disk space for full install

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