Folio Builder 4.7

Easily Converting, Compiling, and Securing Information


For Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP


Folio Builder is an industrial-strength suite of tools that streamlines the process of converting, compiling, and securing professional information.


Folio Infobases serve as secure container that make information in them more valuable to end users and more manageable for publishers and coporate information mangaers. Folio Builder makes it easy to collect information from diverse sources and file formats, combine their contents into a Folio infobase and manage user access rights associated with the information.


Folio Builder helps the information specialist who organizes, updates, and maintains collections of information. It also serves commercial publishers who create professional electronic information titles.



Benefits of Folio Infobase Technology


Folio 4.5 is an exciting platform for managing and distributing professional electronic information because it helps corporations, publishers, and developers leverage the value of knowledge exchange. Rich features and robust technology explain why seven of the world's top ten publishers, and the majority of Fortune 500 companies depend on Folio software to access, adapt, and publish professional information on CD-ROM.



Key Benefits of Folio Builder 4.7

  • Flexibility and Automation in Building and Maintaining Infobases

  • Internet Tools

  • Security and Commerce-Enabling Features

  • Easy Distribution of Content


Flexibility and Automation in Building and Maintaining Infobases


Flexible, Automated Project Management. Folio Builder oversees the conversion of gigabytes of source files into Folio Infobase format, giving you complete control over the build process from the first steps of data conversion through the final steps of indexing and compressing.

Because the process of building indexed content varies from firm to firm, Folio provides tools with both flexibility and automated control in mind. Once configured, the steps required to create a final product involving conversion, mark-up, validation, and indexing of your content can be saved and re-executed with a single command.


Versatile Filters. Robust filters convert popular file formats directly to Folio infobase format. Each filter preserves text mark-up; including tables from the original files.


Quality Assurance. To provide confidence in your finished product, Folio Builder includes a utility that checks infobase syntax, verifies links, and generates a report about the contents of the infobase, including how styles are used.



Internet Tools


Folio Builder provides both URL and HTML file filters to convert documents, World Wide Web sites, or collections of sites into Folio infobase format, while preserving all the relative links within the site. Web site or HTML filters can be combined with other file filters to create a single source information collection. You can also create Web links in your information base that link to URLS on the World Wide Web.


Security and Commerce-Enabling Features


Rights Management Folio Builder lets information owners control who can access information owners control who can access information, what they can do with it, and how long they can use it. Folio Builder can generate passwords that unlock secure or expired data. Publishers can sue these features for information commerce, selling session-specific passwords to infobases, or infobase subsections.


Record Level Security Information can be secured to any level of granularity within an infobase. Thus information can be distributed to multiple users while preserving control over who can and cannot access various document subsections. Encryption secures off-limits information against unauthorized use.


Usage Metering When tracking usage is important, meters built by a third-party developer can allow information publishers to gauge relative popularity of document subsections or to bill users for information access.



Easy Distribution of Content


Single File for Easy Distribution. Indexed rich text complete with hypertext mark-up, graphics, tables and other object types are all stored in a single files, of up to two gigabytes. Thus infobases created with Folio Builder are self-contained and easy to distribute or install for your users.


Data Compression. To maximize storage capacity, Folio Builder compresses information, in many instances down to 60 percent of the original source data size-including the full text index. This lets you build large infobases without taking up vast space on your server, notebook computer, or popular media.


Custom Search Forms. To accommodate the specialized needs associated with professional information, and to help publishers distinguish the functionality bundled with their packages from those of their competition, Folio Builder lets the builder create custom query dialogs for endusers. Custom search dialogs can be based on either the Boolean or Ranked query engines; or combine to a single dialog that uses both engines.


Making Information Your Advantage


Dealing with today's flood of information and providing access to it for employees and customers can be a nightmare. As part of the Folio 4.5 platform, Folio Builder makes the job easy with flexible automation, Internet capability, and security functions.



Folio Builder 4.7 Includes:

  1. Folio Views

  2. Folio Workbench

  3. Folio Rights Administrator

  4. Import Filters Include: Microsoft Word for Windows 2-8, 2000, XP, and 2003, Rich Text Format (RTF), WordPerfect, 5.x and 6-8, HTML, FrameMaker, MIF 4 and 5, Generic Text (ASCII), and Folio Flat File

  5. Export Filter Include: Rich Text Format (RTF), WordPerfect, Word Generic (ASCII), and Folio Flat File

  6. Standard text processing utilties



System requirements for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP:
  • 486 or higher processor (Pentium, recommended)

  • Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003 and NT 4

  • 16 MB RAM

  • 36 MB hard disk space for full install
    (including Folio Views)

  • VGA or higher-resoltuion video adapter
    (VGA 256-coilor recommended)

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